WELCOME Chateaubriand - "Memoirs from beyond the grave" "I have travelled great distances to see Nature's landscapes, I might have been content with those my native country offered me. Nothing is more delightful than the twelve to fifteen miles around Saint-Malo. Giverny Cottage Giverny is the point of departure of unmissable sightseeing such as Saint-Coulomb, Saint-Malo la cité corsaire, Cancale, The Rance Barrage is the world's first tidal power station, Dinard, Dinan et Léhon, Saint- Suliac, le Cap Fréhel, Fort La Latte, Le Mont Saint-Michel, Chausey, Jersey . click on the Tourism tab. “Tourism free  Giverny Cottage - Catherine et Michel Monnet 21 rue St-Vincent - 35350 SAINT-COULOMB - FRANCE Tél. (33) 02 99 56 13 32 - 07 68 35 91 58 Welcome to Giverny Cottage ! In a natural setting, calm and relax at just five minutes walk from the most beautiful beaches of the Emerald Coast. Perfect place to recharge your batteries and going out for a ride. The village of Saint-Vincent is ideally situated on the  fringe of Saint-Malo near "the Corniche Road" to the  Grouin Point and Cancale, in the heart of Mont Saint- Michel Bay. was travel agent, coach tour  operator in St-Malo so she will  be happy to help to set up your plans to visit the surroundings. Catherine, your hostess... e-mail : givernycottage@free.fr Cheques Vacances accepted