TOURISM Next door to Giverny Cottage ... the rugged and protected coastline offer you... Stunning walks along the coast cliff paths. Can be reached by all. ... a great diversity of fine sand beaches and rocky inlets. Lets' walk on the way the French women writer Colette and the very famous poet singer Léo Ferré "C'est extra"... 4 kms : The pedestrian promenade le Sillon, the main sandy beach, the villas right by the sea, the Termal baths and all the water sports... 6 kms : Saint-Malo the old city. 8 kms : the Cité d'Aleth walks on the rocky headland offers a fantastic view overlooking the bay... 38 kms : Dinan the medieval city and Abbaye of Lehon. 50 kms : The Cap Fréhel and Fort La Latte and the protected sea- cliffs. 17 kms : Dinard the "so chic seaside resort". Panoramic view of the Emerald Coast, the prettiest wiew overlooking Saint-Malo Its incomparable markets... 8 kms : Cancale and the Pointe du Grouin... 54 kms : Mont Saint-Michel. Our crush on the late-night opening during July and August.  Click on beautiful photos of Mont Saint- Michel.